MedCurious is online collection of things that we hope that dotMD community will find interesting or inspiring - from things found online, off line, or from submissions of new writing that has not yet found a home.

Anything that shines a light on the art of medicine, or which helps healthcare professionals find meaning in medicine will be considered.

Something, we hope, to keep you all going between dotMD events.

If you have created something that you would like to have published, or have spotted something online that you think is worth sharing with the dotMD community, feel free to email us and we'll do our best to include it.

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The dotMD Team

MedCurious Edition 5

12th June 2020

  This edition of MedCurious has been edited by Dr. Sarah Fitzgibbon, Cork based GP, mother, cancer wrestler, writer, and founder of the Women In Medicine in Ireland Network (WIMIN).…

MedCurious Edition 4

29th May 2020

This time round, a physician examines the new musical soundtrack emerging in New York hospitals, a journalist remembers the words of Brian Eno as she recovers from cancer surgery, and we hear how the rise of technology in medicine is unlikely to replace the human touch.

MedCurious Edition 3

15th May 2020

Welcome to the third edition of the MedCurious newsletter. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying our fortnightly emails so far. We love including submissions from friends and followers in each edition, so…

MedCurious Edition 2

1st May 2020

We have included a comic psychiatrist, a poetic obstetrician, a cartooning palliative care doctor, a few medical story tellers, an invitation to sing, and a timely celebration of an influential, and well – loved giant of Irish general practice.

MedCurious Edition 1

18th April 2020

MedCurious is a newsletter of medical curiosity – of the sorts of things that people who like dotMD might find interesting. Something to keep you going between dotMD events. This…

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