About dotMD

dotMD is a celebration of the future and the heart of medicine. It is in its fifth year and is curated by Dr. Ronan Kavanagh, Dr. Muiris Houston and Dr. Alan Coss.

dotMD Mission

dotMD’s mission is to expose healthcare professionals to ideas that take place at the interface of medicine, technology and the humanities.

In doing so we intend to inspire and reinvigorate them, and reawaken in them a sense of fun and curiosity about medicine.

dotMD -
a meeting with a big future

Dr Brian Vartabedian

An amazing
experience. Many of the
talks stayed with me
for days after

Dr Maurice Barry

with a difference

The Irish Times

Attending will make
me a better Doctor

Dr. Conor McCarthy

Dr Ronan Kavanagh

Dr Ronan KavanaghRonan Kavanagh is a Galway based Rheumatologist and medical columnist.

He also writes a regular blog, runs a medical clinic for injured musicians, and acts as a medical advisor to a number of health technology companies including Vidscrip and Full Health

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Dr Muiris Houston

Dr Muiris HoustonDr Muiris Houston is an award-winning medical journalist and health analyst with The Irish Times.

He also writes for the Irish Medical Times and the British Medical Journal. He is a member of the Editorial Board of Casebook, the Medical Protection Society Journal.

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Dr Alan Coss

Dr Alan CossAlan Coss is a gastroenterologist based in Galway.

He has an interest in how medicine interacts with the arts and social media, and has been a behind the scenes advisor to the dotMD team since the very first meeting.

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Meagan Wiebe

Meagan Wiebe is a final year medical student at Trinity College Dublin, and is returning for her second year as co-Intern for dotMD!

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Mohammed Hamza

Mohammed HamzaMohammed Hamza is a 2015 graduate from NUIG School of Medicine, with an interest in Emergency Medicine & Nephrology.

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